Fair Time Camping

Registered Camping

Registered campers are those who have a permanent spot every year during the Iowa State Fair. Registered campers have mailed in a form to be placed on our waitlist each year and after many years of patiently waiting, they have been granted a permanent camping spot during the Fair.

Please wait for more information about registered camping in 2022!

Non-Registered Camping

Non-registered campers are those that want a permanent spot, but have not received one yet. These campers will need to mail in a form every year to gain seniority. Camping at the Fair is a popular tradition for many families and some have been on the waiting list for 20 years, so please be patient!

Please wait for more information about non-registered camping in 2022!

    Fair time camping is a great way to enjoy the fun and festivities of Iowa’s biggest celebration! Every August, thousands of Fairgoers from all over the Midwest park their campers and pitch their tents during the Fair. Whether it’s a vacation or a family reunion, stop and see why Nothing Compares to the Iowa State Fair. Accommodations for tents can always be made if campers are not particular on placement. Tent campers follow the same procedures as other campers.

    *Questions about camping at the Fair? Email us at camping@iowastatefair.org.